COMPMOL: COMPutation within a MOLecule

Research project selected under the 2016 call for proposals

Principal Investigator :

Bertrand Georgeot (
LPT (Quantum Coherence)

Type of project : Collaborative Project

Partner team(s) :

CEMES (Nanosciences)

Date (start/end) : 2017 - 2019



Schematic representation of a process in Quantum Hamiltonian Computing : the different parameters of the Hamiltonian will influence the measured current which depends on the passage of a state at the energy of |fa> and |fb>.


The project combines expertise from a theoretical/experimental team from CEMES and a theoretical team from LPT to develop a unified theoretical framework for the recently proposed Quantum Hamiltonian Computing (QHC) approach which enables to perform computations within a single molecule (or an atomic scale circuit) adapted to the atomic scale and in a way different from the standard qubit of quantum information processing. Our project will enable to obtain a general procedure converting computations of different types in this new setting, quantify the quantum information exchanged inside the molecule (atomic circuit) and assess the QHC robustness to noise and imperfections. This will allow to propose new experimental protocols and to assess precisely the advantages of the QHC approach as compared to other approaches to quantum information processing.



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