The School of Advanced Sciences of Luchon is taking off !

Friday, January 23, 2015


Participants of the session "Network analysis and applications" of the School of Advanced Sciences of Luchon (June 2014)


The School of Advanced Sciences of Luchon has just been created and aims to promote the development of sciences and technologies as well as interdisciplinary exchanges between students from various scientific domains. It is also a perfect venue to organize scientific events such as workshops and schools. This structure, unique in the Southwest, completes the offers currently available in France, where two centers dominate (Les Houches in the French Alps and Cargese in Corsica). A significant effort is made to support the expenses of students. Labex NEXT * has provided financial support to help the project get started.

The composition of the School Scientific Council is a reflection of the represented disciplines (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Economy…) . In practice, the organization of conferences and schools is based on at least one researcher from Toulouse. The ultimate goal is to highlight the diversity of scientific research in Midi-Pyrenees.

This new institution is in fact a concrete realization of the idea of a Toulouse University federating the different institutions and research organizations in Toulouse. It will increase the visibility of Science and Research in Midi-Pyrenees.

The first session of the School of Advanced Sciences of Luchon held over two weeks in late June 2014 and it focused on networks analysis and application. It brought together, in an interdisciplinary spirit, world-renowned statisticians physicists, computer scientists and bioinformatics specialists. The 2015 program already includes four events with a hundred participants each time.

The Winter sessions will take place in the prestigious ski resort of Superbagnères. The first one will be hold on February 2015. The Summer sessions will take place in Bagneres de Luchon city center.

Dima Shepelyansky :

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* Labex NEXT: Nano, EXtreme Measurement and Theory:





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