Seminar Matthieu Gounelle

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Pr. Matthieu Gounelle
Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN)
& équipe de Cosmochimie de l'IMPMC (Jussieu)

« Solar system genealogy revealed by extinct short-lived radionuclides in meteorites »

Short-lived radionuclides are radioactive elements with half-life significantly shorter than the age of the Solar System. Their decay products can be found in meteorites indicating that some of them such as 26Al (T1/2 = 0.74 Myr) or 60Fe (T1/2 = 2.6 Myr) were alive in the nascent Solar System. I will show how their past presence in the earliest formed solids strongly constrains the astrophysical context of the Sun's formation.

Open to all conference - coffee served at 10:45!






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