NEXT welcomes a delegation of the University of RICE.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

From 11 till 12 June 2018, NEXT will welcome an American delegation from the University of RICE. The objective of the visit is to strengthen the links between laboratories constituting NEXT (LCAR, CEMES, LPT, LPCNO, LCPQ, LNCMI) and Smalley-Curl Institute and the Rice Center for quantum Materials of the University of RICE.

During this visit, the signature of a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) will take place between the federal University of Toulouse and the RICE University. This agreement aims at developing the extension of the collaboration in the exchanges of researchers on programs of cotutelle for theses or of simple cooperation, and the implementation of a program teachers' exchange for crossed interventions in training programs.

The American delegation will be constituted of:

- Dr David Leebron : president of  RICE University

- Dr Jun Lou : Associate chair of the department of Materials Science and Nano Engineering

- Dr Naomi Halas : Director of Laboratory for Nanophotonics

- Dr Junichiro Kono : Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science and Nanoengineering, Physics and Astronomy.

- Dr Peter Nordlander : Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science and Nanoengineering

- Dr Matteo Pasquali: Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry

- Dr Tim Noe : Research Scientist

With the support of the embassy of France for the United States represented by :
Alain Mermet: attaché to the Sciences and Technologies





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