Meeting of the "Scientific Advisory Board" (SAB) 2018 and the kick-off NanoX project

Monday, July 02, 2018

The scientific council of NEXT "Scientific Advisory Board" (SAB) met for the 7th time on July 2nd & 3rd, 2018 to select scientific projects in response to the 7th call for proposal.

  • Plenary Meeting  (Monday 2nd July (14h00-18H00) and Tuesday 3rd July (9h00-12h30)):
    • Presentation of the actions of NEXT and NanoX project
    •  scientific presentations of nine preselected projects
    • Review of  eleven projects funded in Research calls 3&4 ending in 2017/2018
  • Meeting of the selection project committee (SAB members in huis-clos meeting)
  • Strategy meeting in the presence of supervisory bodies: Jean-Paul Swerts (CNRS), Bertrand Raquet (INSA), Alexis Valentin (UPS),  Catherine Colin (INP) and Phillipe Raimbault (COMUE).

Selected projects

Among the nine projects selected by the Scientific Council, the Executive Committee (EC) decided to award funding to 6 projects showing disruptive action in NEXT. These projects point scientific excellence underlined by the Scientific & Advisory Board (SAB).

6 disruptive projects:

  • PRECISION (Periodic patteRning of Embedded struCtures using double Slit interference with IONs)
    Coordinator’s name: Patrick Benzo - CEMES
    Funding: 40 k€ - 2 years duration
  • THERMOFIELD (Thermoelectricity in Pulsed Magnetic)
    Coordinator’s name: Cyril Proust - LNCMI
    Funding: 40 k€ - 2 years duration
  • AIQuS (Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Systems)
    Coordinator’s name: Sylvain Capponi  - LPT
    Funding: 40 k€ including 15 k€ of postdoc - 2 years duration
  • ELECMANA (Electric field control of phase transition in magnetic nano-objects)
    Coordinator’s name: Anne Bernand-Mantel - LPCNO
    Funding: 40 k€ - 2 years duration
  • RASTACO (RAshba STAtes and Spin-to-charge Conversion in spin-orbitronic devices)
    Coordinator’s name: Lionel Calmels - CEMES
    Funding: 40 k€ including 33.5 k€ of postdoc - 2 years duration
  • TEMPO (Measuring TEMPOral statistics of free electrons from nanoemitters)
    Coordinator’s name: Benoit Chalopin - LCAR
    Funding: 40 k€ - 2 years duration




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