Meeting of the "Scientific Advisory Board" (SAB) 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The scientific council of NEXT "Scientific Advisory Board" (SAB) met for the 4th time on February 25, 2015 to select scientific projects in response to the 4th call for proposal.

  • Plenary Meeting 8:30 to 12:30: scientific presentations of eleven preselected projects
  • Meeting of the selection project committee (SAB members in huis-clos meeting)
  • Strategy meeting in the presence of supervisory bodies: Christophe Girard, CNRS, and Pierre Aimar, COMUE

Selected projects

Among the eleven projects selected by the Scientific Council, the Executive Committee (EC) has decided to award funding to 8 projects showing structuring actions inter-lab, intergroup and / or interdisciplinary in NEXT. These projects point scientific excellence underlined by the Scientific & Advisory Board (SAB).

This call for proposal provides funding of 407 k€ equipment and running and reserves 200 k€ for hiring PhDs in the 2015 budget.

4 collaborative projects:

  •  TRAFIC (quantum TRAnsport Fluctuations wIth Cold atoms)
    Coordinator’s name: David Guéry-Odelin - LCAR
    Laboratories / teams: LPT
    Funding: 141 k€ including 12 months of postdoc - 3 years duration

  • ELESIHS (ELectronic structure and Electrical Spin Injection in ferromagnetic Metal/Oxide/Semiconductor HYbrid Systems)
    Coordinator’s name: Pierre Renucci - LPCNO OPTO
    Laboratories / teams: CEMES NMAT, CEMES MC2
    Funding: 108 k€ including 12 months of postdoc - 3 years duration

  • IVIBECA (Infrared and Visible Imaging of magnetic losses for Biomedical, Electromagnetic and Catalysis Applications)
    Coordinator’s name: Jean-François Bobo - CEMES NMAT
    Laboratories / teams: LPCNO
    Funding: 102 k€ including 12 months of postdoc - 2 years duration

  • SWEET (Stellar Wind and Electrons interactions on astrophysical molecules: Experiment and Theory)
    Coordinator’s name: Jean-Philippe Champeaux - LCAR
    Laboratories / teams: LCPQ, LPT
    Funding: 114 k€ including 12 months of postdoc - 2 years duration

  • 4 "disruptive" projects:

  • LANCE (Silicon Plasmonics at the Nanoscale)
    Coordinator’s name: Vincent Paillard - CEMES NMAT
    Funding: 30 k€ - Durée : 2 years duration

  • HEUMAC (HEUsler based MAgnonic Crystals)
    Coordinator’s name: Nicolas Bizière - CEMES NMAT
    Funding: 40 k€ - 2 years duration

  • PLEXMOS (Plasmons and Excitons in Au-MoS2 hybrid Nanostructures)
    Coordinator’s name: Adnen Mlayah - CEMES NMAT
    Funding:: 32 k€ - 2 years duration

  • MEGATER (THz magnetospectroscopy of magnetic silicides under Megagauss fields)
    Coordinator’s name: Oleksiy Drachenko - LNCMI
    Funding: 40 k€ - 2 years duration





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