Meeting of the "Scientific Advisory Board" (SAB)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The scientific council of NEXT "Scientific Advisory Board" (SAB) met for the first time January 24, 2012 to select scientific projects in response to the first call for proposal.

Advisory board

  • Plenary Meeting 8:30 to 12:30: scientific presentations of eight preselected projects
  • Meeting of the selection project committee (EC and SAB members, and the CS office)
  • Strategy meeting in the presence of supervisory bodies: Patricio Leboeuf, CNRS, and Gilbert Casamatta, PRES

Selected projects

Among the eight projects selected by the Scientific Council (out of 10 submitted), the Executive Committee (EC) has decided to award funding to six projects showing structuring actions inter-lab, intergroup and / or interdisciplinary in NEXT. These projects point scientific excellence underlined by the Scientific & Advisory Board (SAB).

This call for proposal provides funding of 429 k€ equipment and running and reserves 150 k€ for hiring PhDs in the 2012 budget. In addition, a project of 150 k € will be financed from the budget 2013.

  • CIM3 (Collaborative Initiative for Molecular Modeling and Material)
    Coordinator’s name: Mathias Rapacioli, LCPQ
    Laboratories / teams: LCPQ, CEMES, LCAR
    Budget: 50 keuros and 18 months of postdoc.
    Funding beginning in 2012 (3 years duration).
    Coordinator’s name: Bertrand Georgie, LPT.
    Laboratories / teams: LPT, LCAR.
    Budget: 75 keuros and 18 months of postdoc.
    Funding beginning in 2012 (3 years duration).
  • GRACES (graphene-Ag nanocrystals as Coupled Electron Systems).
    Coordinator’s name: Jeremie Grisolia, LPCNO.
    Laboratories / teams: LPCNO, NMat CEMES, GNS CEMES.
    Budget: 75 keuros.
    Funding beginning in 2012 (duration 2 years).
  • LASCAR (Ultrashort electron pulses and high harmonic generation produced by the interaction of year with Ultrashort LaSer a single carbon nanotube).
    Coordinator’s name: Benedict Chalopin, LCAR.
    Laboratories / teams: Femtocontrole LCAR, NMat CEMES, ion-matter interaction LCAR.
    Budget: 144 keuros
    Funding beginning in 2012 (3 years duration).
  • ProNano (Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Nanoparticles Chemically-Grown)
    Coordinator’s name: Benjamin Lassagne, LPCNO
    Laboratories / teams: NM / LPCNO, NCO / LPCNO, NSM / LNCMI, GNS / CEMES.
    Budget: 85 keuros.
    Funding beginning in 2012 (1 year duration).
  • IBYS (Ion Beam Synthesis of nano-objects)
    Coordinator’s name: Gerard Benassayag
    Laboratories / teams: CEMES, LPCNO.
    Budget: 150 keuros.
    Funding beginning in 2013 (1 year duration).




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